MSc in Media & Refugee / Migration Flows


The MSc in Media and Refugee / Migration Flows will include the following courses. By clicking on each of the courses more information regarding their content, as well as a preliminary schedule can be found. The final schedules will take into consideration the availabilities of the selected students in order to facilitate full attendance, inspiring exchanges and engaging discussions. Students are highly encouraged to notify the Administrative Office of this Postgraduate Programme and inform about any time constrains, for example due to work.


1. Forced Migration

2. International, European and National Law on Refugees / Migration Flows

3. Refugee / Migration Flows – Old and New Media

4. Methodology of Quantitative and Qualitative Social Research

SPECIALISATION 1 – News Media of Refugee Flows

1. Digital Journalism and Refugee / Migration Flows

2. Investigative Journalism and Refugee / Migration Flows

SPECIALISATION 2 – Communication Management of Refugee / Migration Flows

1. Strategic Communication and Utilisation of European Resources

2. Public Relations and Perception Management of the Refugee / Migration Policy


In Mytilene, Lesvos