MSc in Media & Refugee / Migration Flows

Anthi Sidiropoulou

Researcher - Teaching Associate
COURSE:Methodology of Quantitative and Qualitative Social Research
Field of specialization, studies, work experience:

Anthi Sidiropoulou is a Researcher at the Communication and Media Psychology Lab and Teaching Associate at the Department of Communication and Media Studies of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Currently she is working on a postdoctoral research program (co-funded by Greece and the European Union - ESF, implemented by the State Scholarships Foundation), investigating the psychological bonds that users develop with digital applications and technological tools. She was awarded with her Ph.D. in 2014 from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, on the issues of internet addiction among adolescents. She obtained a Master Degree in Social Organization and Social Change (University of Crete, 2007) and a Bachelor in Sociology (University of Cyprus, 2004). Her research interests lay in the field of psychodynamic approaches to mediated communication and psychology of media and cyberspace.

Description of prior teaching/training activities:

From 2014 until today she has been teaching research methodology (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods) courses for social sciences, focusing on media and communication studies, on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In addition, she has been teaching the following subjects:

  • Issues of psychological development and cyberspace
  • Children and the media
  • Humanitarian crises and the media
  • Introduction to conflict and conflict resolution
  • Emotions and interpersonal relationships
Additional information (such as publications, awards, link, etc):

She is the author of the book "Psychological trajectories in the digital age: From multitasking to multitasking of existence" which was published in 2019 (Athens, Papazisis Publishers). She is the co-editor (with B. Davou) of the scientific book series "Cyberpsychology and Society" (Papazisis Publishers). ISBN: 978-960-0235-29-6

Selected publications:

  • Sidiropoulou, A. (2020). Interviewing teenagers: Methodological qualitative research methods. A. Kontakos & P.I. Stamatis (Eds), In Issues of theory and research methodology in communication of education. Communication and Education (pp. 169-185). Diadrasi Publishers. ISBN: 978-960-9541-10-7
  • Sidiropoulou, A. (2018). Multitasking of existence: Technological mediation in the daily life of the new digital generation. Special Section “Media Psychology and Technology”, Περιοδικό Ψυχολογία, 23(2), pp. 22-38.
  • Sidiropoulou, A. & Davou, B. (2018). "It rings therefore I exist: Issues of emotional development in the digital world". Journal of Educational Psychotherapy, 24, pp. 65-75.
  • Davou, B. & Sidiropoulou, A. (2017). "Family Life around Screens: Some thoughts on the impact of ICTs on psychological development and the development of relationships", International Journal of Contemporary Family Therapy, 39(4), pp. 261-270.