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MSc in Media & Refugee / Migration Flows
31 Tz. Aristarchou
Mytilini 81100
Lesvos, Greece

Anthoula Pazianou

COURSE:Investigative Journalism and Refugee / Migration Flows
Field of specialization, studies, work experience:

Anthi Pazianou was born in 1984 in Athens and works as a Journalist.  

She has studied Social Anthropology and History and she has a postgraduate diploma in Women's Studies from the University of the Aegean. Her master degree thesis “sex, labor and immigration, the Konstantina Kouneva’s case” was on migration, labor, gender politics and the victimization of media.

She is a journalist since 2008. She lives and works in Mytilene, Lesvos. She focuses on the refugee flows and human rights, issues of culture, education, health, and human stories. Her articles and stories are published in "Kathimerini", the French News Agency (AFP), the Chinese News Agency Xinhua, UNHCR’s global website, the newspaper "Empros" and the website “stonisi.gr” of Lesvos and she also collaborates from time to time with various international networks and newspapers. 

Description of prior teaching/training activities:

Anthi Pazianou has been following the refugee flows in Lesvos since 2008 till today and she has been working on the refugee issue in all of its aspects with a continuous, everyday presence in the field since 2015. The mass influx of people on the islands of North-East Aegean Sea - the external border of Europe – had been truly unprecedented. 

She is called upon as a journalist to cover important ongoing developments, many times on her own with a few colleagues by leading the broadcasting of news in Europe. She researches systematically the information published by the competent Greek authorities and the weekly statistics and news by the UNHCR while bringing to the fore the personal testimonies of all sides of a story. 

She is doing this work while, and in spite of, the substantial reduce of journalists in Greece due to the financial crisis and the concurrent increase of individuals who are systematically create and circulate fake news with a view to unsettling the climate of empathy prevailing in local society. Reporting and writing on how the facts unfold on the ground forms the basis for inferring accurate conclusions and maintaining social cohesion on a local level. In this context, she successfully countered fake news countless times. One of the professional successes that she and her colleague, Stratis Balaskas implemented was the fact that certain refugees who had been wrongly arrested on charges of attempted theft and imprisoned for 10 months were acquitted in the end.

Her anthropological background has reinforced the values underpinning her working culture with regard to respecting and understanding each and single personal story that one decides to share and the distinctive elements of one’s cultural background.

Additional information (such as publications, awards, link, etc):


Recently the article of hers “A shadow over the island of solidarity” was selected by UNESCO for the forthcoming UNESCO publication on safety of women journalists.

On June 2016, she and her colleagues on Lesvos were awarded by Peloponissos, Epirus and Greek Islands' Association of Journalists (ESIEPIN) for Covering “Refugee Crisis” in Lesvos.

On July 2016, “Solidarity to Refugees as a Structural Aspect of a Potential Redefinition of Democracy” article written by her and her colleague, Maria Louka was presented on “Crossing Borders” International Conference, organized by the Cooperative Institute for Transnational Studies in collaboration with the University of Aegean (Laboratory EKNEXA-Department of Sociology).

“Sex, labor and migration, the Konstantina Kouneva’s case” was published by the Laboratory of the Sociology of Youth, Leisure and Sports, of Sociology Department, University of the Aegean, 2013.

Her collective article, “The refugee crisis in Lesvos: Boundaries, identity and the media” was presented on “Borders Crossing”, Conference, Zadar, Croatian, 2009.

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