MSc in Media & Refugee / Migration Flows

Maria-Daniella Marouda

COURSE:International, European and National Law on Refugees / Migration Flows
Field of specialization, studies, work experience:

Maria Daniella Marouda is a Member of European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) Council of Europe.

She is also a Professor of International Law, International Humanitarian Law, Jean Monnet Chair on EU Solidarity Civil Protection and Humanitarian Action (July 2016), Panteion University of Social and Political Studies, Athens and Professor of International Law, National Defense School and the Police National Security Academy.

Since 2003, she is a member of the Comité pour le Concours Jean Pictet. Also, since 2000 she is Alternate Director, European Training and Research Centre on Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, Panteion University of Social and Political Studies and Consultant on International Humanitarian Law, Hellenic Red Cross.

She holds a PHD (2004) in International Law [“International Responsibility for violations of IHL: State andindividual responsibility in motion”] and a Post Doc (NationalScholarship), on “Humanitarian Assistance in International Law:legal framework and fundamental principles”, which was publishedunder the title: Humanitarian Space Discourse in the 21st Century:Legal framework for an effective and safe humanitarian action”.

Description of prior teaching/training activities:

Since 2011-2012 she was Counsellor of Greece before the International Court of Justice in the case on Jurisdictional Immunities of the State (Italy v. Germany, Greece intervening).

In the years 1999-2005, she has been Legal Advisor of the Interministerial Committee for the Implementation of Humanitarian Law in Greece, working on a compatibility study of Greece’s international humanitarian law obligations.

She was Member of the Greek Delegation in the United Nations Preparatory Commission for the adoption of the International Criminal Law Statute in 2000-2002.

During 1997-1999 she was Protection Delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Sri Lanka. Also, in 1996-1997 she was Elections observer, ODIHR/OSCE in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Additional information (such as publications, awards, link, etc):

She has numerous publications on state responsibility for serious violations of international law; war crimes; crimes against humanity and genocide, as well as on humanitarian law and action; human rights and refugee and migration protection.

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