MSc in Media & Refugee / Migration Flows

Yorgos Avgeropoulos

Documentary filmmaker and journalist
COURSE:Investigative Journalism and Refugee / Migration Flows
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Yorgos Avgeropoulos is a prominent Greek documentary filmmaker and journalist known for the numerous social and political documentaries he has directed in more than 50 countries and which have won 40 awards in international film festivals as well as other distinctions all over the world.

He was born in Athens, Greece in 1971. He studied journalism and worked as a war correspondent in Sarajevo, Croatia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan whereas he also covered major events such as the Albanian Rebellion, the earthquakes in Turkey and the sinking of MS Estonia.

In 2000, he created the Exandas Documentary Series. Exandas documentaries are awarded in several international film festivals and broadcasted by dozens of networks worldwide. In Greece they were broadcasted by ALPHA TV until 2003 and then by Public Greek Television ERT until 2013, when the network was violently shut down by the Greek government.

Yorgos Avgeropoulos’ latest films are international coproduction with international TV networks. His latest films, Up to the Last Drop (2017), AGORA – From Democracy to the Market (2015) The Lost Signal of Democracy (2014), were broadcasted by dozens of TV networks worldwide and awarded in documentary film festivals in France, Germany and the USA.

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Selective Filmography

  • Up to the Last Drop (2017)
  • Agorá - From Democracy to the Market (2015)
  • The Lost Signal of Democracy (2014)
  • People and Numbers (2013)
  • El Sistema - Saving Lives (2013)
  • Cassandra's Treasure (2012)
  • Charity, Diplomacy and Business (2012)
  • The Midas Effect (2011)
  • Stealing from the Poor (2011)
  • Life for Sale (2010)
  • The Argentina Experiment (2010)
  • Wonderful Macroeconomics (2010)
  • Welcome to Tijuana (2009)
  • The Blood of Kouan Kouan (2009)
  • Gaza We Are Coming (2009)
  • Dying in Abundance (2009)
  • Children of a Rape (2008)
  • Digital Cemeteries (2008)
  • Delta - Oil's Dirty Business (2007)